Getting Married? Consider A Wedding Insurance Package


Wedding cancellations are hard. They’re expensive, and they’re often accompanied by some kind of distress – emotional, physical, or otherwise. That’s a fact that far too many people learned in 2020.

We won’t dwell on the pain of wedding cancellations for any longer, but we do want to point you to an excellent solution: wedding insurance. It cancels a whole lot more than just ceremony cancellation – we’re going to take you through exactly what’s covered, and how it can help you.


Liquor Liability Coverage

When you serve liquor to guests, you can be held liable if they’re served past the point of intoxication. Weddings, receptions, and even the rehearsal dinner can get a bit rowdy. Event insurance covers you for liquor liability, as well as commercial general liability. That’s very comprehensive coverage for your wedding, reception, and rehearsal – and if you need another day of coverage, we can add that too.


Wedding and Honeymoon Cancellation

Between non-refundable fees and cancellation fees, if an emergency happens, you can be out thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars. Wedding insurance covers for both wedding and honeymoon cancellation.

That includes refunding any travel plans for your honeymoon that need to be cancelled, as well as venue cancellation fees.


Coverage for Physical Items

Wedding rings are expensive. So is bridal attire. Presents can be expensive, too. Our wedding coverage covers all of the above. It can also help you cover for:

  • Wedding photos and videos
  • The wedding cake
  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding stationary

These items are all covered prior to the wedding or prior to and during the wedding. From lost rings to someone accidentally shredding your wedding invitations, you may have coverage for a lot of potential problems with a policy this broad.


Loss Deposits

Here’s something a lot of people don’t think of when they’re planning weddings: what if the people you hire, like bakers, suddenly go under? You may have paid them non-refundable deposits that you can’t get back. Don’t worry – our wedding insurance can cover for that.


Rented Property

You might have to rent a lot of property for your wedding, like large tents or tables and chairs. And with the aforementioned rowdy guests, you can end up with damaged property. Our wedding insurance offers rented property coverage.


Flexible Coverage

No two weddings are alike – and in the same vein, different weddings need different levels of coverage. That’s one of the best things about our wedding insurance – it can cover weddings of any size. Whether you’ve got 50 or 500 people coming, there’s coverage that’s right for you.

And coverage is incredibly affordable – it’s probably going to be the least expensive part of your entire wedding! It’s very worthwhile. If you’re interested, contact us. We’re a trusted Winnipeg insurance broker, and we’ll make sure you get the level of coverage that’s right for you.