Halloween: Covid-19


It’s spooky season! Halloween is quickly approaching and with the haunting presence of Covid-19, trick or treating needs a twist. To view the article from Global News on the CDC’s recommendations for Halloween, visit globalnews.ca/news/7350241/cdc-halloween-coronavirus-trick-or-treat

Fun at Home

Staying in with your household members is the best way to remain safe this Halloween. If you are handing out candy, make sure you do so in a Covid friendly way. If not, turn out your outside lights to show you aren’t accepting trick or treaters. Although it is not traditional to stay in, it can still be just as fun! Here are some indoor activities you can do with your social bubble.

  1. Carve Pumpkins
    Host a virtual pumpkin carving contest! This is a great way to stay connected to your friends and keep up with Halloween traditions.
  2. Host a Halloween Movie Marathon
    Curl up with some candy corn and watch a few Halloween movies to stay in the holiday spirit! To watch with friends, download the Chrome extension Netflix Party and watch your movies at the same time.
  3. Bake some Spooky Sweats
    Make a mummy-themed cake or some ghostly sugar cookies! There are countless Halloween-themed sweets to be made. We recommend checking Pinterest for some inspiration.

Tips with Children

Usually, we think of Halloween night as a swarm of children in colourful costumes moving from door to door collecting candy as they go. Although this may not be what we see this year, there are other ways to have a fun night at home with the kids.

  1. Encourage Costumes with a Mask
    Making a mask that fits with their costume is an easy way to keep your child wearing their PPE (personal protective equipment). Suggest something as simple as a cat and make a cat mouth mask with some whiskers. Bonus points if the costume has gloves as well!
  2. Candy hunt
    Take a page from the Easter Bunny’s book! Scatter candies indoors and have your kids search the house. This way, you can adhere to CDC recommendations to avoid trick or treating while keeping it fun!
  3. Make your House a Haunted Home
    If your child is really into the spooky season, a few motion sensor decorations is all it takes to haunt your home!
    We at Westland encourage all of you to put safety first by following the Covid-19 guidelines for your area and hope that these tricks and treats help you and your families stay safe this spooky season.