How will a Calgary DUI affect your car insurance?

Driving while under the influence in Canada has serious consequences for both you and those around you. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada), three to four people die each day due to impaired driving.

Calgary enhanced its DUI laws in 2012, with stricter and steeper penalties for impaired drivers. There are three levels of alcohol impairment in Calgary.

  1. Graduated driver’s license holders with any detectable trace of alcohol in their system is considered a DUI violation.
  2. All drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) between .05 -.08 will be considered under the influence and face administrative sanctions.
  3. All drivers with a BAC over .08 will be considered under the influence and face both criminal and administrative sanctions.

Any driver with a BAC between .05 -.08 will face an immediate three-day license suspension and three-day vehicle seizure for a first offense. A second offense will include a 15-day license suspension and seven-day vehicle seizure. Any driver with a BAC over .08 will face criminal charges and immediate license suspension until the matter is resolved.

Penalties will increase with the number of DUI offenses a driver has.

DUI charges and convictions can drastically alter car insurance rates. A surcharge will be added to your insurance plan for at least three years. You will be labeled a high-risk driver and oftentimes your car insurance will double or triple the normal rate.

Car insurance companies can also refuse to cover DUI convicted drivers. Labeled as a high-risk driver, insurance companies may question your driving record in the future as well.

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