Here’s what you need to know about ICBC phone renewals

 Auto  ICBC

What can you complete over the phone with your Broker:

  • Renewals for vehicles with 1) registered owner
  • Renewals for vehicles with 2 registered owners, with no changes to the policy, or with changes that increase your coverage (i.e. make your coverage better).

What is ineligible for phone transactions:

  • Renewals for vehicles with two owners, where coverages were removed requiring 2 signatures.
  • Renewals using the ICBC Notice to Renew (NTR)
  • New vehicle registration
  • Transfers of ownership
  • Changing your insurance from one vehicle type to another (i.e. car to a truck) requiring new license plate
  • Cancelling insurance
  • Temporary Operating Permits

If you need to complete one of the above transactions, we are still available in branch to assist you. Find your local Westland Insurance Branch to complete your other autoplan transactions.