Insuring Motorcycles & Travel Trailers Just in time for Summer

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With spring just around the corner and the weather getting sunnier day by day it is time to ditch your winter tires and start thinking about your plans for summer 2021! With COVID-19 limiting travel, think about insuring your travel trailer, motorcycle, or summer car early to get the most out of the sun. Here are some helpful tips to make sure that you remain properly insured and prepared this summer!

  1. Consider insuring well before your scheduled vacation – Offices can get quite busy around early spring as the weather get’s sunnier. Consider coming in early to avoid any delays.
  2. Give thought as to what you would like to be covered for – Did you know that non-permanent items in your trailer are not covered under your ICBC policy? Ask an agent today about our private trailer and RV insurance policies.
  3. To save money, contemplate transferring insurance – If you have a vehicle that is only used in the summer, consider transferring your existing insurance on your winter vehicle to the one you plan to use in the summer to avoid having multiple expensive insurance policies.
  4. Book your staycation destination early – With COVID-19 limiting travel, campsites and lodges expect to be busier this summer, in order to get the spot you want consider booking well in advance.

Our offices continue to operate both in person, by phone, and online to assist you with all of your insurance needs. Contact us today!