Moving to BC? Here’s what you need to know


Before you move:

  • Learn about the area you’ll be moving to! Be sure to research the schools and other amenities in the area you’d like to live to ensure you’ll have access to everything you’ll need such as schools, child care, medical facilities, insurance and financial services, as well as recreational activities. BC is full of natural beauty with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. If you prefer the city, BC has a fantastic food scene with a rich arts culture. No matter your preference, you’re sure to love it here!
  • If you can, search for employment opportunities in advance. If you’re looking for employment in a position with regulatory oversight, ensure your certifications are transferable and if not find out how to become qualified in the province of BC.
  • Request documents from your current insurance provider to show your previous driving experience. These documents are required to be original (not photocopied, or printed from an email) so it is usually easiest to obtain them before you move. Call a local insurance office to find out what is required on the documentation.
  • Pack! Check out our moving checklist to help your move run smoothly.Once you arrive
  • Unpack and settle into your new homeMake sure to include purchasing a home insurance, condo insurance or tenant insurance policy as part of settling in. Whether you rent or own, it is important to ensure your belongings and building (if applicable) are covered.  These policies also offer coverage if you were to be displaced from your home as part of a claim which can offer peace of mind in a time of stress. Call your local office for a free, no-obligation quote.
  • Apply for health insurance through BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP). It is important to do this as soon as you arrive as there is a waiting period for coverage. To learn more, visit the Government of BC’s website.
  • Obtain a BC Driver’s license& if you have a vehicle, import it into BC

In BC, vehicle insurance and registration are purchased in one location while driver’s licenses are purchased at a Drivers Services office located separately. The exception to this is in smaller towns where vehicle insurance and drivers licencing are often located in the same office.

Once you move to BC, you’ll have 30 days to import your out of province vehicle into BC, and 90 days from the day you move to the province to switch your licence over to a BC licence.  You can purchase your auto insurance from a local Westland office, and our agents will be able to assist you with information on importing your vehicle.