New ICBC Windshield Program Allows You to Get Chips Fixed for Free


Repairing your windshield chip quickly is an important part of vehicle safety.  Not only can the chip be a distraction when driving, but procrastinating on chip repairs can lead to a windshield crack resulting in a more costly repair.

Thanks to ICBC’s new Windshield Repair Program, effective March 27, 2017, if you have purchased ICBC optional comprehensive insurance on your private passenger vehicle (gross weight less than 8,800kg) you are already eligible to receive the benefits of this program. This means you can have any Windshield Chips replaced for FREE as long as the ICBC Glass Express facility determines the chip is safe to fix. This new program is designed to help give you peace of mind and save you time knowing that any windshield chips that you may have can be easily fixed.  Program features include:

  • No deductible and no impact on future claims history
  • Ability to take your vehicle directly to an ICBC Glass Express Facility. There is no need for you to call ICBC first.
  • No limit on windshield repairs but only 3 damaged areas can be repaired per individual claim basis
  • Repairs must be completed by ICBC Glass Express Facility
  • Glass express suppliers will determine if chip is safe to repair

If you don’t have ICBC’s comprehensive auto insurance, talk with one of our insurance agents to see how they can help you. Click here to contact a broker near you today.