Pet insurance – Do you need it?


We love our pets, they make our lives richer, and are always there for us when we are happy and comforting us when life gets us down. It goes without saying that many of us consider our pets to be a member of our family.

According to Statistics Canada, more than half of Canadian households’ own pets, and caring well for a pet can be expensive, especially if you aren’t covered.

You might ask yourself; does my pet need pet insurance? To help you better decide, let’s look at what pet insurance is, and how it works.


What is pet insurance?

Dogs and cats get sick or injured just like us and pet insurance could save you money from unexpected medical expenses. Pet insurance pays partly or entirely for the veterinary care of your ill or injured pet.

Like insurance for people, pet insurance will require the owner to make payments such as monthly premiums, deductibles in the event of a claim which may come with exclusions, and copayments. The plan you pick should be based on your budget, how much you’re comfortable paying when you get the insurance, and what the provider offers.


How does pet insurance work?

ou pay a monthly premium for the policy, and if you need to use the policy, typically there is a deductible. The deductible can be per condition, or an annual deductible, it depends on the provider.  Once you reach your deductible, your insurance provider will pay you back the additional costs of that veterinary care.

Typically, pet insurance covers 80% of your vet bill for accidents and illnesses.

The cost of pet insurance varies depending on the species, breed, age, and the type of coverage you choose, as well as where you live in Canada.

The average cost for pet insurance is approximately between $20 to $60 a month. This can range based on the age of your pet and the deductible you’ve selected.

Policy premiums are calculated based on Canadian veterinary fees for Canadian policies.


What does pet insurance do?

Pet insurance is a great service that unfortunately, not many people are aware of, or take advantage of. It can provide you with peace of mind if your pet becomes injured or ill since it helps take care of unexpected events, like swallowing your mouthguard, falling out a window (yes, these things happen), getting hit by a car, or getting stung by a bee.

It will also cover illnesses such as heart disease, kidney failure, and many others and with pet insurance, you will be more willing to bring your pet to the clinic right away knowing you have coverage, versus waiting and hoping your pet feels better with time.

Having your pet insured will also prevent you from needing to use emergency funds or savings. You won’t have to worry about affording emergency surgery or about the cost of intensive care at overnight clinics.

With pet insurance, you can choose where you take your pet for care and your pet can immediately get treatment and start to feel better.


What isn’t covered by pet insurance?

Like all other types of insurance, pet insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions. Meaning that if your pet already has a condition like kidney failure, when you apply for insurance, the insurance company will not pay for anything related to the kidney failure condition.

This is why we encourage people to apply for pet insurance as soon as they adopt a pet. Having that kind of coverage could help ensure that your pet has a long and healthy life by enabling you to provide the best medical treatment your pet needs.

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