Protect Yourself and Your Devices: Cyber Security Tips From Your Insurance Experts

 Cyber Security

With the anniversary of the initial COVID lockdowns and for many, the anniversary of working from home just around the corner, it is important to ensure that you are staying safe both physically and electronically. 2020 was one of the worst years for cyber-attacks on record with a 300% increase from 2019.

We are here for you, check out these helpful tips to make sure your precious data is protected:

  1. Secure Your Home Office
    Just as you would lock your office and set the alarm at the end of the day be sure that you take the same precautions at home and store your work equipment in a secure area.
  2. Change Your Password Often
    Changing your password often can help reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. Try to void using passwords that can be easy to try such as personal information (name, birthdate, address), simple numbers (123456 etc.) or other common passwords.
  3. Invest in Anti-Virus Software
    Viruses can make your computer weak and more susceptible to a cyber-attack, and can cause loss of information, or can even destroy your computer. The anti-virus software works as a vaccine for your computer by getting rid of any viruses that are currently on the hard drive and preventing any from infecting your computer in the future.
  4. Back Up Your Data
    To avoid the complete loss of information it is best practice to back up your information regularly and constantly save the work that you are working on.

We all must do our part in these trying times to ensure the safety of everyone, both physically and electronically. Our insurance experts are here to ensure your home insurance policy is the best fit for you. Contact us today!