Spring Break Travel Tips


3 Commonly Overlooked To-Do’s Before you Travel

Are you packing up to travel this spring break? Travelling somewhere new is exciting, but it can be easy to get caught up in packing and daydreaming about your get-away. Take a quick look through our Spring Break Travel Tips to make sure you don’t overlook these important items before boarding the plane!


Travel insurance, travel insurance, travel insurance. Did we say travel insurance?

Having a valid travel insurance policy is one of the most important items to pack with you on your vacation. Having travel insurance ensures you have coverage if any unexpected illnesses or injuries occur and will help you to avoid the high cost of medical care. You can also purchase travel insurance policies that offer trip cancellation, trip interruption or baggage coverage to provide coverage if your trip is delayed due to weather, you become ill before your trip or your baggage is lost enroute. Many extended benefits packages or credit cards include travel insurance coverage but, be sure to check that your policy offers sufficient coverage for the area you’re travelling to. For example, if you’re travelling to the USA or Europe where the cost of medical care is high you may want to purchase a policy with a higher limit of coverage. Lastly, double check if your policy is direct bill or reimbursement. A reimbursement based travel policy could mean you’re out of pocket for expenses while away.


Double check for any travel advisories

Make sure that you are aware of any travel advisories for the area you’re travelling to. Travel advisories can be issued for a variety of reasons and have varying degrees of severity. A travel advisory issued prior to booking your trip could inhibit you from having coverage under a travel insurance policy, and an advisory issued after you’ve booked but before you’ve left could require you to use trip cancellation insurance. To stay up to date on travel advisories issued by the Government of Canada, click here.


Be sure to check if you need vaccinations

Vaccinations can be easily overlooked when travelling to popular tourist destinations such as Mexico, Cuba or the Dominican. Some travel destinations may require proof of vaccination; others simply recommend having your routine vaccinations up to date. The Canadian Government Travel Vaccinations website has an abundance of information, including recommended vaccines based on travel destination. It is best to consult your family health practitioner or visit a travel health clinic at least 6 weeks before you travel to ensure you have enough time to update or get any new vaccinations needed.

For more information on travel insurance, contact your local Westland Insurance Broker, or click here to buy online.