Tips for preparing your home and yard for the summer

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Get your home summer ready with these 10 tips!

  1. Clean your gutters to make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris. Check for loose or leaky gutters while you are cleaning.
  2. Examine your roof to see if there was any damage from the winter weather. You’ll want to repair any damage before the fall or winter weather hits.
  3. If you have an AC unit, this is a great time to make sure it is working properly and possibly even get it serviced.
  4. The spring or summer is also a great time of year to get your chimney cleaned! WETT Certified chimney sweeps are often less busy and more readily available this time of year.
  5. Clean the exterior windows.
  6. Check your outside water faucets to see if there is any damage due to freezing water over the winter months.
  7. Double check your yard maintenance equipment such as your lawn mower and weed whacker to ensure they are in working order.
  8. Remove weeds from you garden, lawn and between patio bricks.
  9. If you have a pool, double check the filter is working and it is cleaned and ready for the warm weather!
  10. Now you just need to add some hanging baskets and flowers to your yard and you are ready to go!