Water Safety Week 2017

 Marine & Boat

This week, June 3 – 11 is National Water Safety Week to help raise awareness and educate on preventing injuries and drowning.

With the hot summer weather here a trip to the lake or a dip in the pool is always a great way to cool off but it is important to stay safe! Water injuries can happen any time of the year but they are more common in the summer. Whether you are fishing, boating or going for a swim it is important to be aware of the current conditions and make sure you have the appropriate safety gear.

Every year many of the water related injuries and situations that take place are preventable and involve kids. Accidents can happen even with small amounts of water such as in kiddie pool or even a bath tub. Many of these situations can be prevented by having the right supervision in place.

Water safety is key to help prevent emergency situations in the water and helps educate should an incident take place. To learn more water safety and being safe, check out these tips by the Canadian Red Cross.