What Autopac Doesn’t Cover


Manitoba Public Insurance for most vehicles does a good job of automatically including on the Basic Autopac a good mix of coverage for Manitobans, but there are a few things that our insurer does not cover. To understand those, it’s important to know what your insurance is made up of. Autopac covers three broad categories: Basic All Perils, the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP), and Third Party Liability. We’ll run an article that goes more in-depth on each of these categories, but for now, the basics should be sufficient: the first category covers physical damage/property damage to your vehicle, the second category covers you if you’re injured by a vehicle and the third-party liability covers you in circumstances where damage to someone else’s property is caused by an accident with you. The liability will also cover injury to a third party but only if the accident occurs outside of Manitoba.

Basic All Perils typically covers the physical that can happen to the vehicle from such things as collision and comprehensive which covers such things as fire, theft, vandalism, glass, etc. This coverage will normally provide protection, however there are some classes of damage that aren’t covered. Road punctures to tires, for example, are not covered, mechanical failure, rust, wear and tear. If the person who owns the car allows someone to drive the vehicle who either doesn’t have a license or the appropriate class of license, the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs (or refused breathalyzer/blood test). No coverage if the vehicle is being used for a race or speed test, vehicle is being used for an illegal trade or to transport items against the law, vehicle is fleeing from police, Theft of the vehicle is normally covered, but if it’s stolen by someone living in your household, or by your employee, you’re out of luck. Some people are surprised to find out that any belongings which are in the vehicle are not covered by the Autopac policy – even if they permanently left in the vehicle – so such things as sun glasses, golf clubs are not covered. A good example is a generator on a motor home, which is not covered – unless it is permanently affixed to the vehicle. If your concerned about what’s covered see your Winnipeg insurance broker.

Third-Party Liability doesn’t cover damage to your own property by your vehicle, nor does it cover damage to other people’s property if it’s in or attached to your vehicle. You’re also not covered if someone servicing your vehicle damages it unless that person was your employee or partner. In most cases if the damage to the vehicle is not covered (see above), then the liability will also not cover. The only exception may be if the vehicle was being used without the owners knowledge.

Here’s something that’s relevant for parents, guardians, and friends to young folk: when someone is driving your vehicle illegally, there’s no Basic All Perils or Third-Party Liability coverage granted. When someone who doesn’t have their full license yet breaks the rules of their conditional license, they’re driving illegally, which means your vehicle has no coverage – even if the rules are broken while they’re on the road with your vehicle. Be cautious about who you lend your vehicle to.

The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) doesn’t cover off-road vehicles unless the accident was involving a vehicle with an on-road vehicle. Anyone who owns an Off Road Vehicle would be best advised to purchase optional Accident Benefits coverage which would then kick in – since there is no PIPP. Be especially cautious when you go off-road. Here’s a weird one for you; the PIPP doesn’t cover animals in vehicles, so if you decide to pet the friendly-looking dog hanging out the window of a car, and it bites you, MPI won’t compensate. In a similar vein, if a truck is spraying insecticide, and you inhale a big whiff, MPI won’t cover you. The PIPP is really looking to cover you in the case of accidents with vehicles, not their associated cargo.

Now you know a bit more about what’s not covered by your insurance; stay tuned to learn about what is!