What is Contents Insurance?


Have you ever wondered “what is content insurance?” If you have, you are not alone. It can be confusing. Some people refer to renters insurance or tenants insurance as contents insurance coverage. Others refer to the personal property coverage included in most insurance policies, as contents insurance. Nonetheless, in most cases, content insurance is typically coverage for personal belongings. Most home insurance policies, whether your own or rent your home, include coverage for personal property (aka content insurance) up to a certain limit.


Can you buy just contents insurance?

It most cases, contents insurance is purchased as a package policy but the cost is largely based off of the contents limit. The exception to this is house insurance policies, where the cost is largely based on the dwelling value. Most insurance policies with coverage for contents or personal property include additional coverages such as liability and additional living expenses. These coverages are often overlooked but they are important! For more information about the importance of Additional Living Expenses, read our blog post Renters Insurance – Why should you purchase it?


What does contents insurance cover?

The coverage for contents insurance depends on the type of policy. To learn more about the different types of policies available please visit Home Insurance


What’s included in contents insurance?

The insured perils and coverages included in contents insurance can vary by policy. A Named Perils insurance policy insures against only the perils listed in the insurance wordings. An All Risk insurance policy insures personal belongings against all perils unless they are specifically excluded in the policy wordings. An All Risk policy is always the better way to go!


How much content insurance is needed?

If you have a replacement cost insurance policy, it is important to consider the cost to replace your belongings with new ones of like kind and quality. To determine an approximate limit, we suggest going through your house room by room using a Personal Property Inventory Checklist


What does contents insurance cost?

The cost of content insurance policies can vary depending on the type of coverage you require and the limits of coverage. Request an online insurance quote from one of our Westland Insurance specialists or visit one of our insurance locations