What to do if you receive an Evacuation Alert?

  1. Stay calm – Try your best to stay calm so you can think clearly and do not alarm others in your family.
  2. Start to prepare right away, don’t wait. You never know when you might receive the Evacuation Order.
  3. Listen to emergency broadcasts on the radio or stay up to date by monitoring social media or websites such as www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca/.
  4. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas or close to it. Gas stations will likely be closed along the way or have long lines.
  5. Have money on hand as bank machines and debit may not be available.
  6. Pack essentials in to your vehicle so you can leave at a moment’s notice. Items may include:
    • Food and water
    • Food for your pet
    • Diapers, wipes, formula and baby food
    • Phone chargers
    • Insurance papers
    • Keepsakes
    • Passports and other identification
    • A small bag with extra clothes and blankets
    • Any medication that may be required
  7. Keep family updated about where you are heading if you receive an evacuation order. It is best to have one central contact located outside of the affected area.

If you receive an Evacuation Order, stay calm and don’t panic. Follow directions about where you need to go. You will also want to call or email your insurance company. If you are a Westland Insurance client and you have been forced from your home by an evacuation order, you can make a claim by calling any Westland Insurance branch.