What to do in the event of an Accident

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A car accident can happen to anyone at any time. On average 270,000 car accidents happen each year in BC alone*. When an accident happens it can be hard to remember what to do and what information you need to get. This guide can help you make sure you take the proper steps to make sure everyone is safe and that you have the necessary information to make your claim.

Check for Injuries

The first step is to make sure everyone is safe, and if anyone is injured, call 911. Before getting out of your vehicle make sure it is safe to do so as you will be entering an active roadway or if possible move your vehicle to an area where it is safe to stop. It is important to remember that sometimes injuries can take some time to show as the initial shock of the accident may be enough for the individual to not feel it right away.

Exchange Information

You will want to make sure that you have the right information from all parties involved in the accident. You will want to record as much detail as possible to ensure that you are not missing any information to make a proper claim. It is better to have too much information than too little information in an accident.  Information that you will want to collect can include:

  • All other party’s drivers licenses, insurance information, car make and model, licenses plates, and contact information of the drivers and passengers. If dealing with an out-of-province driver make sure to get their policy number and insurance company as well.
  • Obtain contact information for any witnesses
  • Date, time, and exact location of the accident and the road conditions at that time
  • Damages to your own vehicle as well as the other parties involved
  • The contact information for the police officer if one attended the scene

It may also be best practice to take photos of the accident before any cars are moved. It can also be easiest to take a photo on your phone of the information above but be sure to make sure to back up the data ASAP. Additionally, if any witnesses or parties involved in the accident have a dashcam, try to obtain a copy for your records and claim information.

After the Accident

Check for any additional injuries

Get checked out by a doctor to detect any injuries that may have gone unnoticed due to the initial shock of the accident. Make sure to keep record of all your injuries and any out-of-pocket expenses that result from it. By keeping a record of any expenses you may be able to claim them back.

File a Claim

File a claim with your insurance company. A claim can be filed over the phone or in some cases online. To find the phone number to your insurance company click here. Additionally, our brokers are here to be able to assist you throughout your claim. To find a location near you click here.


* http://www.icbc.com/about-icbc/newsroom/Documents/quick-statistics.pdf