Young drivers and distracted driving


According to CNW Newswire Company, young drivers have actually admitted that they aren’t paying as much attention to the road as they should be.

The survey, conducted by Ingenie, an auto insurance brand designed for drivers aged 16 to 24 indicated that a range of issues can affect the focus of young drivers. Two-thirds of respondents said being in a car crash would be a top deterrent of this kind of behavior.

It doesn’t have to take a car accident and possible serious injury to prevent future collisions. Keep these tips in mind for young driver education and change.

  • Delegate music changes to passengers: 75 percent of respondents said changing the music in their cars is the number one distraction. Instead of surfing the radio while driving, make a mix CD beforehand or playlist on your iPod.
  • Eat before you drive: Distracted driving can be caused by eating any type of food. Even if it’s something as small as an apple or fruit snacks, concentrating on eating takes away concentration from the road.
  • Put the phone away: 60 percent of drivers said they keep their phone where they can see it, most often in the cup holder next to them. Eliminate the distraction by putting your phone in a compartment, a bag or out of sight. If you see alerts and messages, you’re more likely to want to answer them.
  • Stop to stay in touch: If you need to contact a friend or family member, pull over to the side of the road or into a parking lot. In addition, make sure you are well rested before driving as fatigue can be deadly when it comes to being behind the wheel.

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