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What do you love most about living in Ottawa? Maybe you love venturing to the Rideau Canal in the winter to go skating. Or perhaps you enjoy whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River! If you’re more of an indoors-type, you might prefer to visit the national museums in Ottawa, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History.

Your lifestyle in Ottawa is unique, and your home insurance needs are, too.
When you bought your home, you probably looked at a handful of properties before you decided on the one. And you can take that same approach with insurance. Our brokers will compare rates offered by different providers; we shop around until we find you a great deal.

At Westland Insurance, we’re here to give you peace of mind. You’ll feel confident knowing you have the coverage you need to protect your home. Whether you live in Richmond or Blackburn Hamlet, we’ll find you excellent insurance rates in your neighbourhood.

Here’s a look at what Westland Insurance can offer you:

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How Home Insurance in Ottawa Works

In Ottawa, insurance rates are regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO).

After an incident occurs, you’ll want to document it as soon as you can. Take photos or videos of the event and describe it in detail. Then, contact your insurance broker to make a claim.

Once you make a claim, what happens next?

The site will be inspected by a claims adjuster to verify your claim and collect information on behalf of the insurance company. After your claim is verified, you’ll be reimbursed.

What Home Insurance in Ottawa Covers

In general, you’ll be covered for damages caused by:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Theft, vandalism, and break-ins
  • Wind and hail damage
  • Falling objects

And that’s not all. With a basic home insurance policy, you’ll also get coverage for the following:

From your clothing to your furniture, your personal belongings are a big part of life, and you can protect them all with insurance.

It’s hard to keep track of all the belongings inside your home. But you’ll certainly notice when essential items go missing—and that’s what your Ottawa home insurance policy is for. It covers the replacement cost for any belongings that are lost due to an insured peril.

You don’t need to take out a separate policy to cover any additional structures on your property—they’ll be included with your home insurance. That extends to your garage, fence, and shed.

If you’re found liable for causing bodily injury to another person or property damage, it may be covered by your personal liability insurance. This part of your policy will pay for any legal fees you face related to the incident—up to the maximum amount written in your policy.

What happens if your home is damaged by a fire or extreme weather event? Once your insurance claim is processed, the next step is waiting for home repairs to finish.

If you need another place to stay during that time, the cost of your hotel or short-term rental will be covered by your insurance. You won’t just save money, but you’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing you have one less thing to worry about.

What Ottawa House Insurance Doesn't Cover

Not all claims are covered under your insurance. And it’s crucial to understand where your coverage runs out—that way, you won’t find out you’re underinsured when you go to make a claim.

With that in mind, here’s what you should know about what isn’t covered by insurance:

  • Uninsured perils. You’ll only be covered for certain types of damage. For example, fire damage will be covered by your policy. But any damage caused by pests or regular wear and tear will not be.
  • High-value belongings. It’s true that your home insurance covers the contents of your home—but not indefinitely. High-value items that go beyond the coverage limit of your policy won’t be covered. If you have any expensive collections—for example, artwork, jewellery, or music equipment—you should take out additional insurance to protect them.

How Much Home Insurance in Ottawa Costs

All sorts of factors affect the cost of your insurance (and we’ll get into those in the next section).

Did you know you can save hundreds on home insurance by calling a broker? Our expert advisors work hard to get you the lowest rates. We compare rates offered by insurance companies across Ottawa to find you the best deals.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Home Insurance in Ottawa

So, how much will your home insurance cost? The price of your coverage will depend on your location, the value of your home and your personal belongings, and your insurance history.

We’re going into greater detail about which factors affect your Ottawa home insurance below:

  • Age of your home. What year was your home built? Newer homes typically cost less to insure.
  • Location. Home insurance companies will consider the risk level of your neighbourhood—for example, rates of vandalism or floods in the area.
  • Construction. When was the roof, electrical, or plumbing in your home last updated? Older systems are more likely to pose a fire hazard or cause a water leak, which is why the construction of your home will affect your insurance premiums.
  • Credit score. Try to maintain a good credit score, and you’ll pay less for your Ottawa home insurance.
  • Claims history. Each time you make a claim, it causes your rates to increase for a few years.
  • Distance to services. How far is your home from the nearest fire station or fire hydrant? The closer you are, the more affordable your home insurance coverage will be.
  • Square footage. Larger homes will cost more to repair.
  • Lifestyle. Do you smoke in your house? Since this is a fire hazard, it will cause your home insurance premiums to go up.

Ways To Get Cheap Home Insurance in Ottawa

How can you make your home insurance more affordable? Be sure to ask your broker if you qualify for any discounts! Here’s a list of a few ways you can save:

  • Mature Customer (55+ years). Depending on your age, you could be eligible for a lower rate on your Ottawa home insurance.
  • Claims Free. Are you on the fence about making a claim? You’re trying to decide if it’s more cost-effective to pay your deductible and make a claim or repair the damage yourself. Be sure to factor in that once you make a claim, your rates will increase for the next few years. It may be wiser to hold off on using your insurance.
  • Local or Monitored Alarm. Do you have a security system in your home? By installing one, you can reduce the chances that someone will break in—and your home insurance in Ottawa will be less expensive as a result. Security alarms and fire alarms will either emit a loud noise or contact the local authorities if someone tries to enter your home.
  • Sprinkler. Setting up a fire protection system in your home has so many benefits! It helps keep your family safe and protects your property if a fire breaks out. On top of that, it can lower your insurance rates, too.
  • Water Leak Detection Device. Often, you don’t discover there’s a water leak in your home until it’s too late. That’s what a water leak detection device is for! Let your insurance company know if you have one installed in your home.
  • Company Loyalty. If you’re shopping for multiple types of insurance (for example, home insurance and auto insurance), consider going with the same provider for both policies. They may offer you a discount.
  • Raise Your Deductible. What’s a deductible? It’s the amount you need to pay before your claim will be covered by the insurance company. If you increase your deductible, it will lower your insurance premiums. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay more if you ever make a claim.
  • Mortgage Free. Once you completely pay off your mortgage, your home insurance costs will go down. Be sure to let your home insurance providers know once you’re all paid up!
  • Credit Score Factor. Are you looking to improve your credit score? Make sure never to go over your credit limit. Try to use less than 30% of your available credit. And try to limit the number of credit checks you do! You can gradually increase your credit score and thereby lower your home insurance rates.
  • Pay Annually. Most insurance providers will give you the option to pay monthly or annually. While monthly payments may be more manageable for your budget, annual payments are less paperwork for the company. They may be willing to give you a discount if you choose the latter.

Why Do I Need House Insurance, and Is It Required in Ottawa?

First things first: In Ottawa, you aren’t legally required to buy home insurance.

But if you need to take out a mortgage, you’ll have a tough time getting approved without it. Most mortgage lenders require proof of insurance before they’ll approve your application.

Why? Imagine that your home was damaged by a fire. Without insurance, you’d be responsible to pay those repair costs out of pocket. That may make it more likely that you’ll default on your mortgage payments. For financial protection, it’s better to go with home insurance in Ottawa.

Aside from that, home insurance serves to protect one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. If an emergency happens, you’ll have the financial protection you need to cover unexpected costs, from repairing property damage to replacing your belongings.

Coverage Options for House Insurance in Ottawa

What kinds of optional insurance can you add to your current policy? Here’s an overview of the coverage options available to you (but keep in mind that your eligibility will depend on your location):

Did you know that in Canada, rates of identity theft are on the rise? Identity theft protection is more important than ever! You can cover the costs associated with these incidents, including reimbursing the money you’ve lost and finding legal aid.

Many Ottawa homeowners dream of running their own businesses. What better place to run it than from the comfort of your own home?

If you decide to go this route, just make sure you have the right protection in place. A home-based business comes with additional liability risks and content coverage needs. With this optional coverage, you can cover claims related to these risks.

Ottawa is known for its beautiful lakes and rivers. If you keep any type of boat on your property, make sure you have enough protection for it—the value of it will probably exceed the content coverage in a basic home insurance policy. That’s why you’ll need watercraft coverage.

Part of what makes Ottawa so special is the great Ottawa River, which spans 1271 KM! A body of water that big puts Ottawa homeowners at risk of flood damage. To get coverage for this peril, you’ll need to purchase overland flooding insurance.

After sewage backs up into your home, you may need to replace the walls, floors, and any personal belongings affected by it. Those costs add up quickly! Get protection for these claims by purchasing sewer backup insurance.

As a homeowner, you’re partly responsible for replacing certain utility lines on your property. These include your water lines, electrical lines, and sewer pipes.

If one of your service lines fails, you can make a claim using this insurance coverage. It will also cover property damage caused by the service line failure.

You know that once you make your first claim, your home insurance premiums will go up. But with claim protector insurance, you can protect your discount after your first claim.

Your appliances are what make your home a comfortable place to be. If they break down suddenly, you’ll be stuck with a hefty repair or replacement bill. This insurance policy covers your heating and cooling system, security system, electrical system, and water system.

Get Better Rates on Ottawa Home Insurance Today!

Looking for Ottawa home insurance quotes? You’ve come to the right place. One of our insurance advisors at Westland will be happy to help you.

Whether you’re looking for car insurance, tenant insurance, or condo insurance, we can help you find an affordable price for the coverage you need. Contact us for Ontario home insurance quotes today!


Still have questions about your home insurance coverage? We’ve got answers! Check out the FAQ we’ve put together down below:

Ottawa homeowners have enough on their plate as is—it’s nearly impossible to find the time to compare all the insurance rates offered by different companies.

Good news: You don’t have to! At Westland Insurance, we take care of that for you. We’ll look for the cheapest Ottawa home insurance rates on your behalf.

Ottawa homeowners who live near the water know that overland flooding is a risk each year. A few other concerns include wind damage, thunderstorms, earthquakes, and frozen pipes from plummeting temperatures.

Basic home insurance policies may not cover all of these risks. If you’re concerned your home could be affected by these perils, let us know; we’ll help you find the right coverage to protect your property.

Wondering how much coverage you’ll need? Great question! You want to make sure you aren’t paying too much or too little for your Ottawa home insurance.

To figure that out, ask yourself the following:

  • What is the total value of your belongings? To answer this, start by listing the high-value items in your home. Then, add up the totals so you can estimate the total replacement costs.
  • What is the value of your home? The cost of your house insurance policy is partly determined by the costs you’d face if it were damaged. Make sure to get enough insurance so that if you did make a claim, you’d be adequately reimbursed for the repair costs.
  • Do you need additional coverage? Take a look at the perils we’ve listed above. Would you benefit from any extra coverage? If so, your home insurance policy will cost a bit more.

We’ll help you determine the right level of insurance coverage. Give us a call!

Yes, fire damage is one of the insured perils you’ll be covered for in your Ottawa home insurance policy.

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