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Business Insurance


Commercial Insurance

The risks of any business are unique.  Our specialists can create customized commercial package solutions just for you.

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Contractors Insurance

Contractors and General Contractors need coverage specific to their unique needs and we can help.

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Directors and Officers

Directors, Officers and Executives can face personal liability exposure for alleged “wrongful acts” arising from their actions and executive decisions. Our Broker's help make sure you're covered.

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Liability Insurance

Protect your business from the possibility of paying catastrophic liability claims with one of our commercial liability policies.

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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you are an Owner Operator with a single unit or a large fleet, hauling locally or across borders, we can provide competitive quotes.  

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Small Contractors Insurance

Whether you are a plumber, electrician or general contractor, we have specialized policies specific to your unique business operations


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Surety & Bonds

Our expert insurance advisors can provide the bond that best meets your needs no matter where in Canada you operate.

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Construction Insurance

From high rise towers to cabins our insurance reduce risk on all projects of all sizes.

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Oil & Gas Insurance

Whether you're a Petroleum Geologist, Consultant, Engineer or any other company in the Oil and Gas Sector, we have the coverage you are looking for.


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