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Save Money on Business Insurance

Identifying the risks associated with a company and formulating the premiums to charge can be an intricate process which varies greatly depending on the type of industry you’re in, the age of your buildings and how many people you have on staff, etc.

Even with all these factors to consider, there are some steps you can make to potentially lower your premium:

  • Perform a risk assessment of your organization so you know what levels of insurance are appropriate for your company
  • Review your current deductibles and discuss with your broker if it would be of benefit to increase them
  • Review your inventory levels to ensure your premium is accurate

Premium Discounts

Your organization may qualify for premium discounts.  Some of the discounts include the following:

  • Alarm discount (if you have an on-premise security system in your building)
  • Watchman discount (if a have a security company monitor your facility at night)

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