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Travel Insurance Costs

Most trips are fun or relaxing – but sometimes an unexpected tragedy can strike.

If you want to avoid potentially costly medical bills, planning ahead is your best bet.  Here are some stories of how medical costs can add up for emergencies abroad:





Costs ($CAD)

Female 40 Pneumonia Arizona $67,000
Male 72 Heart attack Denver $306,000
Female 37 Abdominal pain New York $11,000
Male 41 Sunburn Florida $185,000
Male 23 Fractured Bone Australia $7,000

These are some of the medical costs you may have to pay for out of pocket if you’re not insured:

  • Ambulance and emergency transportation
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
  • Hotel for spouse
  • Medical practitioner bills (other than a physician)

With medical travel insurance, you will be protected from having to pay medical and related costs which aren’t covered by your government or employer group plan.

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