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Owning a car gives you freedom. You’re free to drive wherever you need to go, whenever you need to. But your car is more than a vehicle that takes you to and from places—it’s an investment. One you need to protect.

You’ve spent thousands on buying your car, tuning it up, and filling it with gas. Protect your hard-earned money with Thunder Bay auto insurance.

At Westland Insurance, our registered insurance brokers will help you find the best rates on auto insurance. From comparing quotes to answering your questions, we’ll help you save money on Thunder Bay car insurance.

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Mandatory Coverage

In Thunder Bay, car insurance is required by law. Basic coverage includes:

With this policy, you’ll be covered for legal costs and other related expenses that result from at-fault accidents. If you cause injury to another person or property damage, this policy will help you cover those costs.

Regardless of who is at fault, this policy will help cover costs associated with an accident. Car insurance in Thunder Bay includes coverage for caregivers, rehabilitation, and medical expenses. Those affected by the accident will receive death benefits or income replacement when necessary.

If another person was at fault in an accident, this policy would provide you with coverage for damage and loss of use to your vehicle. The claim will be filed with your own insurer.

Even though insurance is mandatory, you could be involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. If they are at fault, this policy will provide your family with coverage for the damages or death benefits.

Optional Coverage

The following types of physical damage coverage are not mandatory, but they may be recommended based on your unique situation:

When your vehicle collides with a building, roadway, or another vehicle, this policy will cover the damages.

This insurance covers all risks named in the policy, which include, theft, vandalism, falling/flying objects, natural disasters, and human-caused disasters (riots, fires, and explosions).

Get covered for specified perils and other losses that are not covered by collision insurance.

For the most inclusive coverage, consider all perils insurance; it includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

Personal Auto Insurance Discounts

Looking for ways to save money on your auto insurance coverage? We’ve put together a few tips for you:

  • Bundle your home and auto insurance. When you buy different types of coverage from the same insurance company, you can save on your monthly insurance.
  • Get winter tires. Winter in Canada can be a dangerous time for driving, and Ontario is no exception. Stay safe with winter tires (and you’ll save on your insurance, too).
  • Maintain a clean driving record. It pays to be a good driver. By practicing good driver habits, you can stay out of accidents and keep your insurance rates low.
  • Work with insurance brokers. At Westland, our insurance experts will help you find the best car insurance rate for your vehicle type.
  • Put multiple vehicles on the same policy. If your household uses several vehicles, you may be eligible for a discount if you insure them all with the same policy.

Auto Insurance FAQ

Drivers with more traffic tickets are seen as “high risk” to auto insurance companies. Since those individuals are more likely to be in an accident, they’ll pay higher insurance premiums.

Before you can receive your car insurance quote, you’ll need to provide some basic information, including your postal code, driving/vehicle information, and contact details.

If you’ve recently made an insurance claim, your rates will increase for several months afterward.

Most car insurance companies offer policies for 1-year terms. However, we can try to find a policy that works for you; get in touch with Westland today.

There is no legal requirement that states you need to add your spouse as a driver. However, you may want to add your spouse to your policy if they use your vehicle regularly.

You can insure a car with a learner’s licence, but you cannot drive it alone until you have a class 5 licence.

Your Thunder Bay auto insurance is affected by:

  • Frequency of vehicle use
  • Location
  • Driving & claims history

Insurance rates in Thunder Bay are set by the province of Ontario.

Yes, by law, you are required to buy insurance before you drive your vehicle in Ontario.

We recommend getting winter tires, only making claims when necessary, and practicing safe and defensive driving.

New and young drivers will pay more for insurance; due to their lack of experience, they’re considered to be at higher risk. Our insurance brokers can help you find more affordable rates, even if it’s your first year on the road.

The cost varies depending on your vehicle time, driving record, and location. Get a quote with Westland Insurance to find out how much your annual payments will be.

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Top Collision Locations in Thunder Bay To Watch Out For

These areas have higher collision rates than usual. When you’re near these intersections, be sure to drive carefully:

  • Central Ave at Memorial Ave
  • Golf Links Rd at Harbour Expressway
  • Memorial Ave at Harbour Expressway
  • Arthur St at James St S
  • Golf Links Rd at Harbour Expressway

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At Westland Insurance, we understand that your insurance needs are unique; your coverage should be, too. Our expert advisors can compare Ontario car insurance quotes to find you the best auto insurance rates. For a Thunder Bay auto insurance quote, contact us today!

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