Affinity Group Insurance Services

A Group Insurance policy wording from Westland Insurance has many features that are not offered in the standard market. For most individual members that qualify for Westland's Affinity Group Insurance policy, the pricing is more competitive than the standard rating that they would receive if they were to purchase insurance outside of a program.

 Types of Group Policies

  • Group Home Insurance (British Columbia Only)
  • Group Business Insurance

Why should associations, societies and employer groups consider a Group Insurance Program?

  • A Group Insurance program for members or employees can be provided at no cost to the organization
  • Members or employees can benefit from group buying power with lower premiums
  • The Group Insurance program can extend to retirees and eligible members' dependents living at home
  • You are in control -- organizations have full authority over how the group insurance is marketed to group members


The philosophy of Westland Affinity Group Insurance Services, formerly Mardon Group Insurance Services (MGIS), is that successful programs are built upon successful relationships. 

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