Jason Wubs



Interested in the family insurance brokerage business from a young age, Jason Wubs has dedicated his career to Westland Insurance, where he started as a broker nearly 30 years ago.

In his 15-year tenure as CEO, Mr. Wubs has led Westland to become the largest independent Canadian-owned brokerage in the country. Through the company’s rapid growth, Mr. Wubs continues to honour the values on which his family first established the business in the early 80s: focusing first and foremost on employees, clients, and the communities we all call home.

Mr. Wubs lives in the Surrey area with his wife, Deb, and their seven children. Passionate about sports, Mr. Wubs coaches youth basketball and has coached with the YMCA Steve Nash league for nearly a decade.

Mr. Wubs earned his Bachelor of Administration from the University of British Columbia and holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University.

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