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Alberta Business Liability Insurance

Running a business can be a difficult but rewarding occupation.  That’s why business owners should make certain their hard work is well protected from unforeseen liability losses and risks with an Alberta Liability Insurance policy. A commercial liability insurance policy in Alberta can help protect your business if a claim for property damage or bodily injury is made against your business.

Alberta General Liability Insurance 

As soon as a company opens its doors they should have a Commercial General Liability insurance in place. Whether the business is a non-profit organization, a commercial building owner or a business operation, there are liability risks involved.

Something as simple as a customer slipping on a wet floor could result in a lawsuit. Even if the claim is not awarded in the favor of the customer, there are still defense costs involved which can add up quickly.

Liability Insurance in Alberta

Alberta has a wide variety of industries and the commercial insurance professionals at Westland understand the unique needs of the various industries. Whether the business is in the Oil and Gas Sector, a restaurant or a retail store, a Westland Insurance expert can customize an Alberta liability insurance package for you. Additional liability coverages such as Product Liability, Abuse Liability, Professional Errors & Omissions coverage and Directors & Officers coverage may be suggested depending on your business operations.         

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In a business environment which is becoming ever more litigious, liability coverage can safeguard you, your customers, staff and even suppliers.  At Westland, we have over 30 years of hands on experience in tailoring specialized insurance for companies in a wide range of industries. We can help business owners in Alberta find a liability insurance quote that meets their needs at a great price.  

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