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There isn’t much in the world that can compare to a summer motorcycle ride. From cruise nights with friends to your main mode of transportation before the snow falls, motorcycle season is exciting to many. Let us help navigate what motorcycle insurance is right for you.

As your local insurance experts, we know that each motorcycle in Nova Scotia is unique in its own way. From those who commute to work in Bridgewater every day, to those who are out on the open road catching sunset ocean views, we’ve got you covered.

We understand it’s vital to protect what’s most important to you and your family. Our expert insurance advisors are here to ensure you’re protected and provide peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important in your life.

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We know that your insurance needs to match your goals, your lifestyle and your budget. Our expert auto insurance advisors get to know you, so that they can tailor a policy to your exact needs.

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Who needs to buy motorcycle insurance?

If you drive a motorcycle, moped or scooter on any public roadway, you will need to insure your motorcycle. The actual definition of a motorcycle, other than sweet, beauty, beastlike, or just plain cool, is as follows:

  • Can be two tandem or three wheels
  • Engine size is over 50cc’s
  • Includes mopeds and scooters

What motorcycle coverage is mandatory in Nova Scotia?

What happens if you’re in an accident and cause injury to another driver or property damage? Medical expenses and rebuilding costs can add up, which is why third party liability covers you, at least some, for expenses that may occur out on the road. Under basic coverage, you’re covered up to $500,000. Any expenses above and beyond that will be directly out of pocket.

Regardless of who causes the accident, income replacement, supplementary medical, attendant care, rehabilitation, caregiver, non-earner, and death benefits may also be provided. Please contact your broker to see what coverage you have.

Covers damage to your motorcycle or off-road vehicle when the other driver is determined to be at fault for an accident that occurred in the province of Nova Scotia and is insured within Nova Scotia.

Provides financial compensation if an unidentified driver or uninsured driver causes death or injury to you or your family.

Optional Motorcycle Coverages in Nova Scotia

Under the mandatory coverage, damage to your motorcycle isn’t covered. That’s where optional collision and comprehensive coverage comes to play. If in an accident you’ll pay your deductible, similar to car insurance, and the damage will be repaired. If your sweet new ride costs a pretty penny, you’ll want to explore damage coverage to not only protect you, but your investment as well.

Will $500,000 be enough in an accident? These days, probably not with the cost of medical expenses and property repairs. Are you prepared financially for out of pocket expenses if an accident causes costs above and beyond $500,000? Increased third party liability coverage provides that peace of mind while out one the open road.

Our auto insurance advisors will work with you to create the right motorcycle policy. Connect with us today!

How do you calculate the insured value of a motorcycle?

When you go to insure your ride, you will be asked to select the declared value which will determine the limit of coverage you will purchase. Originally this will be part of the bill of sale but you will also want to take into consideration modifications you have made to make yours the stand out beauty that it is! And of course, you will want to consider depreciation over the years. Elements that will form the value of your motorcycle include:

  • Make and model
  • Engine size
  • Level of customization

Try to be accurate with your declared value as the amount that will be paid out to you in the event of a total loss will be based on fair market value.

What does motorcycle insurance cost?

Once you have determined the declared value of your motorcycle, the premium you pay for insurance will also be impacted by how you use your motorcycle (just pleasure? to and from work?) as well as where you live (do you ride in the city or rural?). Your driving record will also affect your premium. And of course, the optional coverages and deductibles you select will play a role in the cost as well.

What about coverage for a moped or scooter?

How is a scooter or moped defined differently from a motorcycle? Basically, if your ride falls within the following description, you can register as a scooter or moped:

  • Two tandem or three wheels
  • Wheels larger than 250 mm
  • Maximum engine displacement is 50cc’s or it has an electric motor
  • Maximum speed of 50kms per hour
  • If the maximum cc’s or maximum speed exceeds these limits, your bike must be registered as a motorcycle.

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