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Strata Earthquake Deductible Assessment Insurance 

Did you know in addition to your own personal Earthquake Deductible, you may receive an assessment for your unit's portion of your Strata's Earthquake Deductible? While having Earthquake Insurance is critical to getting back on your feet after a seismic event, your Strata's deductible assessment can leave you scrambling. Now there is a way to prevent an earthquake from destroying your finances with Strata Corporation Earthquake Deductible Assessment Insurance.  

Product Highlights:

  • Affordable premium & deductible protects your financial security
  • Lower deductible removes additional stress in the event of an earthquake claim, so you can deal with other urgent matters
  • Flexibility - you can choose a limit to cover the assessment up to $100,000, or just a portion of the assessment
  • Can be purchased as a stand-alone policy

Strata EQ Assessment Coverage Example

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