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Rental Property Insurance in BC


Whether you own a rented condo or a rented dwelling, your real-estate investment is important. That’s why we take the time, up front, to ensure you have enough coverage to protect this investment. Our risk and values assessment process is a key step in determining your needs. We help rental property owners understand the unique coverages available on both rented dwelling insurance policies and rented condo insurance policies. For example, not having enough loss of rental income coverage, can leave a property owner in a tough financial situation, if they are unable to rent the property due to an insured loss.

At Westland Insurance Group, we know that not all insurance policies are created equal. See how we stack up against our competitors’ standard rental property insurance policies.

It is also important to encourage your tenants to purchase their own tenant insurance policy. A tenant insurance policy not only protects the renter’s personal property but also includes personal liability coverage.

Westland Insurance Group Key Insurance Features and Benefits

All Risk or Comprehensive Policy We cover your dwelling and property for “all risks”, not specific losses or “perils”
Bylaws Coverage We cover additional costs to bring your dwelling up to current building standards in the event of a loss
Replacement Cost – on contents We pay based on Replacement Cost on your contents, with no allowance for depreciation.
Loss of Rental Income We pay for your loss of rental income if your dwelling is damaged by an insured peril.
Liberalization Clause If we increase any included coverage, you immediately get that coverage – at no extra charge.

Westland Rental Property Insurance Comparison

Feature Westland Standard Competitor Policy
Premises Liability $2 million included with base policy $1 million or less included with base policy
Gardening Equipment
$25,000 $10,000 or less


We offer a variety of discounts as well including:

Added protection