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Located on the shores of Lake Ontario just east of the City of Toronto in the Durham Region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the city of Pickering is a thriving, multicultural community largely comprised of young professionals and established families. Pickering is known for being safe and friendly, as well as having plenty of conveniences, amenities, and attractions such as the Pickering Museum Village and Frenchman’s Bay Marina.

Whether you’re purchasing your first new home in Pickering, looking to change insurance providers for a property you already own, or investing in a rental property, finding the right coverage is paramount.

At Westland Insurance, we recognize that your home is everything to you and that it can be tough to comb through home insurance options and compare quotes looking for the right coverage options. We want you to feel completely secure in the home insurance policy you choose, and that’s why we spend time getting to know you so that we can do the heavy lifting and find you the right coverage at the right price. Our knowledgeable and friendly team members are always ready to serve you online, by phone, or in person at our Pickering location at 1029 Brock Rd.

What Does Home Insurance in Pickering Cover?

Because every home insurance plan is unique, it’s essential to take the time to carefully look over what’s covered in your specific policy before signing on the dotted line. A Westland insurance advisor can help.

That being said, most Pickering home insurance plans include many of the same coverage categories. The primary purpose of home insurance is to protect you from the costs associated with unexpected damage to your home, property, and belongings. In many cases, home insurance also protects you in the event that you accidentally damage someone else’s property or someone is injured on your property.

Common coverage categories in Pickering home insurance policies include:

Covers costs associated with damage or destruction to your primary home caused by perils such as fires, floods, theft, and more.

Covers costs associated with damage or destruction to unattached structures on your property (detached garages, sheds, outbuildings) caused by perils.

In the event that your personal property (contents of your home, property, car, etc.) is lost, stolen, or damaged, personal property insurance will cover repair or replacement costs.

If someone is injured on your property or you accidentally damage someone else’s property, personal liability insurance covers costs associated with repairs, medical expenses, and more.

If damages or repairs require you to leave your home for a period of time, living expenses coverage covers the cost of alternative accommodations.

What It Doesn't Cover

Generally speaking, Pickering home insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by negligence, infestations, or standard maintenance issues. Consult your policy for more specifics. You can also review general provincial legislation around home insurance in Ontario.

Why Do I Need Home Insurance, and Is It Required In Pickering?

Legally speaking, home insurance is not technically required in Pickering. However, mortgage approval is usually conditional upon proof of up-to-date home insurance, so unless you purchase your home outright, it might as well be for most buyers.

In addition, home insurance is a smart investment. For most people, their home is their biggest asset, and it just makes sense to protect it and avoid the risk of paying astronomical costs out-of-pocket. At Westland Insurance, we strongly recommend that all homeowners invest in high-quality home insurance.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Home Insurance in Pickering

A wide range of factors can affect the cost of your home insurance in Pickering, Ontario. While not a comprehensive list, these are some of the most common:

  • Your credit score and personal claims history
  • Your home’s location and distance from emergency services
  • The age and construction of your home
  • Your coverage needs and the type of policy you purchase

Coverage Options for Home Insurance

The type of home insurance coverage you choose will depend on your personal needs and finances as well as the specifics of your home and property. Below are the four most common options available for home insurance coverage:

Basic coverage essentially insures your home, property, and belongings against a list of perils specified in your policy. Typically included are damages caused by lightning, windstorms, fire, hail, and more.

Like basic coverage, broad coverage insures your home, property, and belongings against a list of specified perils—but the list of perils is more extensive. Often included in broad coverage, in addition to the perils included with basic coverage, are perils such as theft, vandalism, and unforeseen events such as burst pipes.

Instead of including a list of covered perils like basic coverage and broad coverage, comprehensive home insurance policies only list perils they do not cover. In other words, comprehensive coverage covers all perils with the exception of a list of exclusions.

If you’re looking to minimize potential risks and cover all your bases, you may want to explore the various enhanced coverage options that Westland offers. From sewer backup to overland water, home equipment breakdowns, identity theft, and more, enhanced coverage can provide you the peace of mind you’re seeking.

Home Insurance FAQ

Yes, you can cancel your Pickering home insurance at any time. In some circumstances, though, penalty fees may apply. If you cancel your existing policy because you’re moving to a new home, you can often avoid extra charges by purchasing a policy for your new home through the same home insurance company.

There are a number of ways to lower your home insurance premiums, and a Westland representative can help you to consider which option(s) may be best for your particular circumstances.

Here are some common strategies for saving on home insurance in Pickering:

  • Maintain a good credit score
  • Remain claims free
  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Maintain loyalty to the same insurance company
  • Bundle multiple insurance policies through the same provider
  • Increase your deductibles
  • Compare multiple quotes
  • Improve home security features such as alarm systems, sprinklers, water lead detection devices, and more
  • Find out if you apply for any specific discounts based on your age, lifestyle, or professional associations

Finding the right insurance coverage for your Pickering home is as straightforward as speaking with a Westland representative. We work with all the top home insurance providers in Canada and are dedicated to finding you the right policy for your needs and budget.

Looking for condo insurance, renter’s insurance, farm insurance, or other types of property protection? Contact us online, by phone, or in person at our Pickering branch and we’ll be happy to assist you.

For quality home insurance service that keeps your specific situation and best interests at heart, reach out to Westland Insurance today!

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