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What’s great about living in Milton? It’s one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada! This town of over 100,000 people is located just an hour away from Toronto.

When you’re here, be sure to check out Springridge Farm, Hilton Falls Conservation Area, and the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area (which is named after its unique winding shape, not the presence of snakes!).

If you’re ready to set up roots in Milton, you’re probably looking at buying a house. Have you looked at your home insurance options?

At Westland, we make insurance simple. Understanding your home insurance doesn’t have to be stressful. Our expert insurance advisors are here to answer your questions, get to know your insurance needs, and find you the best rates.

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What Does House Insurance in Milton Cover

If you’re just dipping your toes into home insurance, you might feel overwhelmed at first. There’s a lot to know before you get started. What risks are covered? How much coverage do you need? What will it cost?

Understanding your policy helps ensure you have the protection you require. Here’s what your home insurance policy will cover:

Accidents happen, but you may still be responsible for paying the costs. If you unintentionally cause bodily injury or property damage (at your home or anywhere else in Milton), your personal liability coverage will help you pay for medical expenses and legal fees.

For example, imagine that someone slips on your entryway rug and breaks their leg. They may decide to sue you for the damages, in which case, personal liability coverage would help you out.

If your house is being repaired due to an insurance claim, you’ll get coverage for alternative living arrangements. This includes hotel fees and meals. The coverage will continue until you can return home.

What makes your home feel like yours? It houses all your personal belongings, furniture, clothes, electronics, and more. Personal property coverage will help you pay for the replacement or repair costs of these items.

Do you have a fence, garage, or shed on your property? Even though these structures aren’t attached to your house, they will still be covered under this policy.

What It Doesn't Cover

Your next question is: What won’t be covered by my Ontario home insurance policy? We’ll explain the limits of your policy and why they matter:

The first thing to know is that you’re only covered for perils specified in your policy; this includes fires, theft, and lightning strikes. But it does not include damage from overland flooding or sewer backups. To get insured for more perils, you’ll need to purchase additional coverage.

You won’t be covered for damages that exceed your policy limits. By that, we mean expenses that go beyond the maximum coverage amount of your insurance. For example, if you only have $50,000 of personal contents coverage, but it costs $70,000 to replace all your belongings after a fire, you would not be fully covered.

To avoid this, you can always expand your policy limits. Just give us a call, and we can adjust your policy for extra liability or contents coverage.

Why Do I Need House Insurance & Is It Required in Milton?

Home insurance in Ontario is not required by law. However, most mortgage lenders and banks will require proof of insurance before you get approved for a loan.

On to your next question: Why do I need home insurance?

Because your home is an investment, and it’s an investment worth protecting.

Insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself against the unexpected. When an emergency arises, you can rest assured knowing you have the protection you need to cover replacement costs or legal fees.

Factors That Affect the Cost of House Insurance in Milton

Your home is unique—your insurance policy will be, too. Home insurance policies are tailored to the individual property and homeowner. Your rates will vary based on:

  • Distance to services. If your home is far away from fire hydrants or fire stations, it will be considered at a higher risk for a fire damage claim.
  • Age of home. Was your home built 10 years ago? Or 100 years ago? Older homes cost more to insure.
  • Location. An insurance company will look at the rates of common claims in your neighbourhood, including fires and vandalism.
  • Claims history. If you’ve made claims in the past, you may pay higher rates.
  • Construction. What materials were used to build your home? Low-quality materials could make your insurance more costly.
  • Credit score. Ask for a soft touch credit check to see if you’re eligible for a discount.

Coverage Options for House Insurance

Many homeowners choose to add on to their insurance. With additional coverage, you get extra protection to suit your lifestyle and location. Get insured against extra perils not included in a basic policy. You can choose from the following:

  • Sewer Backup
  • Service Line Coverage
  • Identity Theft
  • Claim Protector
  • Home Equipment Breakdown
  • Home-Based Business
  • Watercraft
  • Overland Water

Home Insurance FAQ

Still have a few questions about your home insurance coverage? Let’s clear things up with this FAQ:

Planning to fix up your house? Maybe you’re planning to build an addition, replace the flooring, or remodel the kitchen. Renovations are great for the resale value of your home, but they also impact your insurance.

Each time the value of your home increases, you should contact us to update your home insurance. Otherwise, you may find out that you’re underinsured when you need to make a claim.

It’s easy! Just visit . We’ll just need a few details about your property and insurance history first. You can get an online quote, request a quote, or locate a branch near you in Milton.

Our insurance brokers don’t work for insurance companies—we work for you. That means we work hard to find you the lowest rates on your home insurance. Save money every month when you work with an insurance broker at Westland.

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