7 Things to get your RV Camping Ready

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Air Out Your Unit

Chances are your RV or camper has been closed up for the last five months. First thing, is to take off the protective encasement. Before pulling it off, give it a really good shampoo and a hose down and let it dry, before packing it away. Storing the cover clean will make things easier when it comes time to winterize the RV at the end of the season.


Tire Maintenance

The vehicle has been leaning on them for the winter so it is a good time to rotate, clean and grease the bearings. Check out each tire individually to check for wear (cracks, nails, tread) and PSI. If they are low, pump air into them.


Flush Water System

Restarting your RV’s water system is a very important step in the spring preparation process. First, flush out your system by turning on the water pump, opening all indoor and outdoor faucets, and running the water until it comes out clear. Don’t forget to also take your water heater out of bypass or drain it if you used antifreeze. After the first flush, fill the fresh water tank with a mixture of bleach and water (1/4 cup of bleach per 15 gallons). Then, run the water until you smell the bleach, drain the tank and refill with clean water, then run your system again until the bleach smell is gone.


Inspect the Unit

Check the exterior of your unit for any damage (cracks, leaks dents). Ensure to check all windows, doors and the roof. Continue on to inspect the below equipment/components:

  • Batteries
  • Propane tanks
  • Water lines
  • Generator
  • Appliances
  • Air system
  • Engine


Clean the Unit

Clean the entire interior of the unit including the inside of cupboards and drawers. Open all the windows and doors to allow fresh air to come in and leave them open as you clean to help ventilate.


Check Your Insurance

Contact your insurance broker to switch your insurance from storage insurance to road ready insurance. If you have any questions or concerns about your coverage contact one of our expert advisors today or visit our website to learn more.


Once you have completed all the above steps, your unit is ready to camp!