Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter


Winter has arrived in the Prairies, and we are in for a few more months of winter wonderland. With the plummeting temperatures, it’s easy for the pipes in your home to freeze or experience ice blockages. Avoid the dreaded mess, stress, and financial burden frozen or burst pipes can cause and follow these 5 easy steps to protect your pipes from the dropping temperatures.

  1. Seal Any Cracks
    Keep warm air contained, before the snow flies inspect all windows and door frames for any holes or cracks that may have formed and fill with caulking. Be sure to look at all openings around cable holes, in both the interior and exterior walls.
  2. Don’t Touch the Thermostat
    This one is for all the Dad’s out there; keep your thermostat set to the same temperature for the whole day. Consistent temperatures in your home will help to avoid any ice buildup in your pipes. While some tend to lower the settings in the evening to save on the heating bill, this can wreak havoc on your pipes, resulting in costly repairs.
  3. Invest in Pipe Insulation
    One of the best, and most cost-effective ways to prevent frozen and burst pipes is to purchase pipe insulation, found at your local hardware store. Look for pipe insulation made from foam or fiberglass polyethylene, it is a small investment compared to the unexpected damage and repair a burst pipe could cause.
  4. Leaving home? Keep the heat on.
    If you do need to travel and be away from home this winter, leave your heat on. To save on costs, reduce the temperature in your home to a safe 16° C. Your pipes will be safe and sound if a cold snap does hit.
  5. Keep Garage Doors Closed
    An easy way to keep frozen pipes at bay is to keep your garage door closed during the colder months. Leaving garage doors open even just a crack will drop the overall temperature, which could result in major issues, even more so if your garage has water supply lines.

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