Event insurance and why you need it

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Whether you’re hosting a conference, business party, fundraiser, wedding, or festival, ensure your event runs smoothly and avoid future worries with event insurance. By getting the right coverage for your event, you can protect yourself and your staff against worst-case scenarios.


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What is event insurance?

Often called special event insurance, or short-term event insurance, event insurance is designed to protect your event from various possible circumstances that might occur during your event that are beyond your control. This includes potential lawsuits caused by damage to the location you are renting or lawsuits that arise if your guests are injured at the event.


What are the venue requirements?

If you’re hosting your office event or conference at a third-party venue or on municipal property, event liability insurance is almost always required – especially where alcohol is involved. Even if your event is hosted at your boss’s home, you’ll want to double-check the homeowner’s policy because parties of a certain size are often not covered. Host liquor liability coverage is designed to cover your liability for alcohol-related claims that result from the serving of alcoholic beverages at events.


What if my rentals get damaged?

When you’re renting tables, chairs, sound equipment or anything else you might need for your event, consider what might happen if any of your rentals are damaged. You’ll want to be covered if that’s the case – accidents happen!


What if someone gets injured?

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt! Protect yourself against guest injuries, or a guest suing you in the case of a bad injury. Event insurance will cover you if you are sued by a guest by providing a free lawyer to defend you and by paying the judgment costs awarded to your injured guest.


Getting event insurance

Regardless of where, when, and how your next event comes together, obtaining the right level of event insurance will give you peace of mind that you’re covered when something doesn’t go according to plan.


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This article was written with the support of Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. , a Westland broker specializing in event and entertainment insurance.