Nature Force & Westland: protecting wetlands together


Nature Force, driven by Ducks Unlimited, focuses on the crucial task of wetlands and watershed restoration, especially in flood-prone regions. This effort safeguards both human communities and wildlife habitats.


Westland’s role

Beyond being a financial partner, Westland actively participates in on-the-ground efforts. During the Nature Force Spring Field Days this past May, Westland’s team, alongside AVIVA and Northbridge, planted over 400 trees at the Toronto Regional Site!


The bigger picture

The support of the P&C Industry in this venture is not just about corporate responsibility. It’s a relevant and proactive effort in conservation and restoration, acting as mitigation work against climate change. We all know climate change’s devastating impact on our environment and industries like insurance. Our collaboration with Ducks Unlimited isn’t just about corporate responsibility — it’s direct action towards a sustainable future.