Ontario Licence Plate Information


Renew your licence plate

Did you know that in Ontario even thought we no longer require licence plate stickers, you still must renew your licence plates? It is an insurance requirement to maintain current plates and a valid driver’s licence.

Things to Note:

  • If you are in an accident and you do not have a valid licence your claim could be denied
  • If you are pulled over by the police and you do not have a valid licence you could get a fine
  • If your plate stickers are not valid you may get a fine if pulled over
  • For heavy commercial vehicles (with a registered gross weight greater than 3,000kg) must renew their licence plates

For more information on renewing your licence plate please check out the link below:


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You can receive automated emails, text messages or phone call reminders 60 and 30 days before it’s time to renew not only your licence plate on personal vehicles, snow machines, ATV’s and motorcycles but also your driver’s licence, health card or Ontario Photo Card.