Partnering with Chrysalis in Alberta for Disability Employment Awareness Month


In October, Edmonton-area Westland branch staff attended the  Chrysalis 20th Annual Gala Breakfast Fundraiser. Chrysalis is an Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities with a mission to provide personalized services to empower individuals with disabilities to accomplish their employment, volunteer, and recreational goals. The theme for this year’s Gala was “Dream Big: Igniting Change, Growth, and Opportunity for People with Disabilities”, and honoured October as Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM).

Westland Insurance is committed to employing persons with disabilities. Our Edmonton – Laurier Heights branch took pride in sharing their experience with Chrysalis and in being a ‘Story Sponsor’ for the event, which offered the opportunity to be included in a video that was shared at the Gala. Jenna Kupchenko is an Office Administrator at the Edmonton Laurier Heights branch and found the role through the Chrysalis program. She has been employed at Westland for 4 years and shares her story in the video.


Chrysalis will work with you to help make sure that you can find a right fit. You can find the right skills for what you need to get done. We didn’t adapt our environment for Chrysalis or for any Chrysalis clients; rather, Chrysalis helped us to explore and discover opportunities that now have been transformational both for Chrysalis clients and our team.

Sean Morrow

Director, Commercial Brand, Marketing & Projects

The Gala had over 300 people in attendance and Chrysalis was able to reach their fundraising goal of $40,000! The event itself specifically connects to our Amplifying Communities pillars of diversity and inclusion, and we’re proud to support Chrysalis in being able to provide innovative services that enrich the lives of Albertans with disabilities.