The road ahead: tackling driver shortages with new immigrants

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Canada, a land of opportunities, has long since been seen as a coveted destination for immigrants, despite the rising cost of living. While this influx seemingly presents a solution to the ever-growing driver shortages experienced by businesses, it also raises another pressing issue – the lack of Canadian driving experience among these new settlers.


Why is Canadian driving experience crucial?

Canada’s diverse climate and vast terrain demand unique driving skills. Experience on Canadian roads provides insights into the challenges posed by winter road conditions and treatment, icy highways, dense urban traffic, and vast rural stretches. It’s not just about knowing how to drive; it’s about understanding the nuances of Canadian roadways.

Insurance companies recognize this. Prior Canadian driving experience is often a critical factor in determining premium rates and insurability. In essence, it serves as a metric for evaluating the potential risk associated with insuring a driver or even their insurability.


The corporate crossroads

Faced with the persistent driver shortage, many companies stand at a crucial decision-making junction. Do they hire new immigrants lacking domestic experience, potentially incurring higher insurance premiums, or facing insurability issues? Or do they wait, holding out for drivers with the desired experience while grappling with vacant positions?

Charting a path forward

Businesses can adopt a few proactive strategies for both immigrant and inexperienced drivers:

  1. Training programs – Invest in comprehensive training sessions to acclimatize new immigrant drivers to Canadian driving conditions.
  2. Gradual integration – Start new drivers on routes that are less challenging, gradually increasing their exposure over time.
  3. Insurance consultation – Engage with your Westland advisor and our insurance partners to understand potential premium reductions for trained or gradually integrated drivers.

The crux of the issue? Adaptability. Businesses must strike a delicate balance: filling urgent vacancies and ensuring their drivers are sufficiently equipped for Canadian roadway conditions.

If your business is confronting this driving dilemma, don’t navigate these challenges alone. Connect with us. Together, we can find a route that prioritizes safety, compliance, and your business needs.