Westland Insurance: Proud to Support Harvest Manitoba


At Westland Insurance, we’re passionate about the communities we serve. We’re proud to announce our donation of $10,000 to Harvest Manitoba, an organization that does incredible work in our communities. We partnered with Intact Insurance for this donation as part of their Better Communities Program. This program is dedicated to creating safer, healthier, and happier communities across Canada by supporting local organizations that make a difference. By collaborating with Intact Insurance, we aim to combine our resources to drive positive change.

Understanding Harvest Manitoba

Harvest Manitoba is an organization that works to ensure food security for all Manitobans. Harvest Manitoba collects and shares 12 million pounds of healthy and nutritious food to hungry Manitobans every year. Each month, they serve over 90,000 individuals, nearly half of whom are children. They collect and distribute nutritious food to people who need it the most, including families, seniors, and individuals who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing food insecurity.

By providing access to nutritious food, they not only alleviate immediate hunger but also contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the community. Their programs help reduce stress for families and ensure that everyone has access to healthy food.

Donation Impact

Our donation to Harvest Manitoba will directly support their essential food distribution programs, ensuring that food reaches food banks across the province. During our visit to Harvest Manitoba’s facilities, we had the opportunity to gain insights into their food storage systems, strong partnerships with local food banks and just how vital their operations are to the food distribution network in the province. To discover more about Harvest Manitoba, visit their website.

We’re proud to support Harvest Manitoba and the wonderful work they do. To learn more about Westland’s philanthropic initiatives, click here. Let’s build stronger, healthier communities together.