Why you should stick with Westland Insurance when you move homes 


Moving homes is a significant life event that comes with its share of challenges. Did you know that by keeping your home insurance active when moving within your current province, your Westland policy can automatically extend to cover belongings under your current policies contents coverage in both your old and new homes for up to 60 days? There are so many variables when moving, and you know us, we always advocate for keeping insurance as simple as possible. 


Moving is easier with Westland

Sticking with Westland Insurance means you won’t have to start from scratch with a new broker. We already know you, understand your insurance history, and can provide tailored advice based on your unique needs and circumstances. This familiarity can save you time and stress during the moving process. If you switch insurers, you might have coverage gaps or extra costs. If something goes wrong during the move, such as damage to your belongings or an accident in the moving truck, it may not be clear which insurance company is responsible for covering the damage.  

For example, let’s consider Frank. He decided to switch insurers when he moved to a new home. Unfortunately, during the move, some of his furniture got damaged due to an accident. Now, Frank is facing a dilemma as both his old and new insurance companies are saying the items are not covered, leaving him to deal with the uncertainty of who will cover the cost of the damage. 

Don’t let this scenario happen to you. Stick with Westland Insurance for a seamless moving experience and peace of mind. 


Coverage during transit

Did you know some insurance policies also cover your belongings while they’re in transit or storage? This is especially beneficial if you’re moving long distances or if your new home isn’t ready for immediate occupancy. Make sure to check your policy or consult with your insurance advisor to understand the specifics of your coverage. 

Remember to let your advisor know as soon as you buy or rent a new place, even if you’re not moving yet. Moving your policy with you keeps your belongings and liability covered. 


Vacant home

Your home is considered vacant once all occupants have moved out with no intention to return. A gap in moving dates may result in your home being vacant for a short period of time. The duration of coverage for unoccupied homes varies according to each insurance company and policy.

It’s essential to communicate with your insurance advisor to confirm whether your current policy extends coverage during periods of vacancy or if you require a separate vacant home policy for interim protection.


Expert advice

Our experienced brokers can provide expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of insurance in your new location. We can guide you on local regulations, potential risks specific to your new area, and the best insurance products to protect your assets. 

In conclusion, moving homes doesn’t have to mean changing your insurance provider. With Westland Insurance, you can enjoy the benefits of a national broker that understands your unique needs and can provide consistent, high-quality service across Canada.  We have over 280 locations across nine provinces, so if you’re moving to another province, we can connect you with one of our insurance advisors to assist you during your upcoming move.  

So, when it’s time to pack up and move, remember – you can take Westland Insurance with you. Take out one of the many variables and trust us to continue protecting what’s most important to you in your new home.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 

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