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Motor Truck Cargo Carriers’ Legal Liability

What is it? a motor truck carriers’ legal liability (“MTCLL”) policy insures your legal liability to your customers in the event of damage to their cargo in your possession.  This coverage can include storage insurance whilst at terminal(s), if agreed in advance by underwriters.


Do I need it? as a carrier, you take possession of unmarked, non-valued goods, packed by others, and loaded into the trailer by the shipper, all on a daily basis.  These goods are now in your custody and you are responsible for their safe delivery.  The normal rigors of transit lead to a high probability of loss to cargo during the shipment and an MTCLL policy will both cover the losses you are liable for and defend your company for losses which you are not liable for.


What should I consider?


Am I able to limit my liability? – Under Canadian and US law, carriers are able to limit their liability for damage to cargo.  There are numerous factors that go into determining your liability, including the terms set forth in the Waybill or Bill of Lading.   Please contact us to discuss your options.


Am I allowed to offer full coverage insurance to my customers? – Yes.  Under certain policies, you are able to move your clients’ goods under an agreed Declared Value.  This allows you to avoid any disagreements in the event of a loss and allows you to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.


Are there excluded goods – absolutely.  Every MTCLL policy will have certain exclusions for high value or high target goods.  Please discuss your operations with us to help find the best fit for your protection.


Trading Conditions – Are you and your customer on the same page with regard to responsibilities and expectations?  A clear and concise Waybill sets out the terms for both parties.  Terms such as proper packing, delivery times, loading & unloading, and security measures.


Valuation of Cargo – Is the cargo new or used?   If used, how is the current condition and value established?   In the event of a loss, both you and your customer should understand the method and scope of the claims process.  



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