Corporate Advisory & Specialty

Corporate Advisory & Specialty serves our complex risk commercial clients. Our key industries of focus are transportation and logistics, and entertainment, film and music.

Westland’s Corporate Advisory & Specialty team is made up of highly skilled business consultants who have a deep level of expertise in both insurance and their industry, enabling them to design tailored risk mitigation programs that considers your businesses operating environment.

Our consultants will go deep to learn about your business and the nature of your risk, then work with you to build a risk strategy from the ground up. This can include everything from risk consulting and total cost of risk management, to the requirement for alternate structures, such as captives.

Westland’s Corporate Advisory & Specialty team serves clients who value and appreciate insurance due to the complex nature of their business risks. If that sounds like you, let’s chat!

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Benefits of Corporate Advisory & Specialty

As a large organization dealing with complex, multifaceted risk, we understand there’s a lot at stake. We’re a partner, invested in your success, and providing you with the highest level of insurance expertise.

Safety & risk management advice

Our team will get to know your business to help analyze risk exposures and outline optimal risk mitigation options

Contract reviews

Our advisors can review contract terms to make sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect your business


Backed by decades of experience, we’ll use our deep market knowledge of your industry to your advantage

Access to markets

Our national scale and strong relationships give us unparalleled access to capacity and alternate risk transfer arrangements


Westland has dedicated claims experts providing unrivaled expertise and advocacy

Total cost of risk analysis

We’ll translate your risk management program to hard numbers, disclosing the financial tradeoffs and benefits of your insurance alternatives

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