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An hour and a half northeast of Toronto lies the charming community of Lindsay. Situated along the Scugog River, Lindsay (City of Kawartha Lakes) is known for its fresh and local agricultural products, festivals, theatre, galleries, museums, and more. Just outside of town, you’ll find the beauty of Ontario’s farmland, lakes, and wilderness.

If you own property near Lindsay, ON, you know what a special place it is to call home. But are you confident in the knowledge that your home is adequately protected?

At Westland Insurance, we understand that your Lindsay home is so much more than just four wallsand that’s why we’re deeply committed to helping you insure it at the most affordable rate possible.

What Does Home Insurance in Lindsay Cover?

Lindsay home insurance is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO), but the coverage included in different insurance policies can still vary widely. That being said, the following categories of coverage are commonly included in many Ontario home insurance plans:

Covers the cost of applicable repairs and replacements on your property up to the amount specified in your policy.

Similar to dwelling coverage, but for structures that are in addition to your main home.

Covers the repair or replacement costs of damaged or lost personal property, such as the contents of your car or home, up to the amount specified in your policy.

If you accidentally injure another person, damage someone else’s property, or someone gets injured while on your property, personal liability insurance covers the costs associated with medical bills, repairs, and more.

Covers the cost of living outside your home during repairs or construction, as needed.

What It Doesn't Cover

Because inclusions and exclusions can differ from policy to policy, it’s important to be aware of your coverage details before committing to an insurance plan. Generally speaking, most policies do not provide coverage for standard maintenance issues, infestations, or general wear and tear.

Why Do I Need Home Insurance, and Is It Required in Lindsay?

Simply put, you need home insurance in Lindsay because your home and property are likely the largest investments you’ll ever make, and they’re worth protecting. Without home insurance, you’ll have no choice but to pay out of your own pocket if damages or losses occurwhich may mean you end up shouldering the responsibility for costs you can’t afford. In addition, most mortgage lenders won’t approve your mortgage without proof of home insurance.

No, home insurance isn’t mandatory in Lindsay. But at Westland Insurance, we highly recommend investing in it and strongly advise all homeowners to do so. You can learn more about general home insurance in Ontario if you’re interested in understanding provincial legislation.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Home Insurance in Lindsay

Among the many factors that can impact your home insurance rates are:

  • How old your home is
  • Where your home is located
  • How your house was built
  • Your home’s distance from services (e.g., fire or police station)
  • Your credit score and prior claims history
  • The type of coverage you purchase

Coverage Options for Home Insurance

The type of home insurance you purchase is entirely up to you, but be sure you fully understand what is included in it and excluded:

Typically, basic home insurance coverage protects you against costs incurred by perils specifically listed within your policy (known as specified perils). They often include fire, hail, windstorms, and more.

Broad coverage is similar to basic coverage but has an expanded list of specified perils.

Instead of specifying perils that are covered, comprehensive home insurance specifies perils that are not covered (and covers everything else).

Enhanced coverage can guarantee that you’re protected in a wide variety of eventualities, including equipment breakdowns, identity theft, sewer backup, and more.

Home Insurance FAQ

Yes, you can cancel your Lindsay home insurance at any time, but be aware that penalty fees may apply, depending on the circumstances.

You can lower your home insurance premium in the following ways:

  • Compare quotes
  • Increase your deductibles
  • Bundle insurance products through the same provider
  • Improve home security features
  • Maintain a good credit rating
  • Remain loyal to your insurance company

To learn more about your Lindsay home insurance options, visit our Westland Insurance branch in Lindsay online, speak with one of our insurance brokers by phone, or visit us in person at 158 Lindsay St. S!

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