Why insurance for freelancers is essential for your business


This isn’t your grandparents’ workforce – the modern economy has paved the way for work that’s more independent and mobile than ever before. Freelancing is now commonplace, with the increased freedom and flexibility being an attractive selling point of this alternative lifestyle. Is there a need to have insurance for freelancers though?

Well, the freedom that freelancing provides can also come with a cost: the lack of a safety net that traditional employment provides. In this blog, we’ll talk through the ins and outs of insurance coverage that you, as a freelancer, should consider protecting your business and livelihood. Stick with us – it doesn’t have to be complicated!


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Understanding the risks for freelancers

Gig economy workers are often solo adventurers in the professional world. Not having employer-provided coverage places you in a vulnerable position should there be a dispute with a client, an accident, or a health issue. While traditional employment offers an array of benefits and protection should the worst happen, self-employed professionals must create a safety net for themselves. Thankfully, the right insurance can be that safety net.  

Now that it’s clear that you need insurance as a freelancer, let’s chat about how to ensure the coverage you choose fits you and your unique needs. 


Coverage options for freelancers and gig workers

Navigating insurance options might seem overwhelming, but fear not, we’re here to guide you through. Your tailored coverage might include the following: 

  • Liability insurance: This protects you from claims related to accidents that might occur on your watch, such as slip and fall incidents or property damage. If you have clients visiting your workspace, this is a must-have as it provides financial coverage for potential legal expenses and settlements. Liability insurance offers peace of mind and safeguards your business from losses due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Business contents: This essential coverage is designed to protect entrepreneurs like you who’ve made significant investments in equipment and tools to run your business smoothly. With commercial property coverage in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that if any unfortunate events occur, such as damage or theft of your valuable gear, you’ll be covered. Whether it’s a fire, natural disaster, or even a break-in, this insurance ensures that your business property is safeguarded and that you can quickly recover and get back to doing what you love.  
  • Cyber insurance: In an era where almost all business operations are online, cyber insurance is no longer optional—it’s crucial. As a freelancer, you might handle sensitive client data or rely on digital platforms to conduct your daily business. Cyber insurance acts as a digital shield, protecting you against data breaches, cyberattacks, and associated liabilities. It takes care of costs arising from legal representation, client notification, and even helps in restoring the personal identities of affected customers and could even pay a ransom to a bad actor who is holding your system hostage. Essentially, it supports you in swiftly managing the aftermath without derailing your professional journey or compromising your clients’ trust.
    • When talking to your Westland broker about cyber coverage, ask them if you could qualify for Cyber Business Interruption insurance and how it can supplement your lost income during an attack.  

Real-life examples of insurance for freelancers

Consider the web developer whose code error was challenged – their professional liability insurance covered the legal battle. Or the event planner whose stolen equipment was swiftly replaced thanks to their foresight in obtaining business property insurance. Imagine a consultant facing medical recovery being economically supported by disability insurance. These aren’t just anecdotes; they’re lifelines.


Choosing the right insurance for freelancers

Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all ― the unique nature of your work requires tailored protection. While you may feel hesitant to spend money on insurance, it’s a small price to pay compared to the financial losses and headaches it can prevent (and the peace of mind it provides).  

You don’t have to choose your insurance on your own. Westland can help you find the right policy with an insurance provider that specializes in freelance-specific coverages, walking with you every step of the way We also conduct extensive comparative research to help secure the most favorable terms for you.  


In the vast sea of freelance work, insurance is the anchor that secures your financial base. It protects your bottom line by helping to ensure that your business’s profit doesn’t suffer from an insured loss. Safeguard your independence with insurance – your future self will thank you.  

Don’t wait until the unexpected happens ― discover the right coverage for your freelance work. Ready to get started on a quote today? Click below to get started!


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