Strategic cyber defence through the Westland-CFC Alliance

 Commercial  Cyber Security

In today’s interconnected business landscape, cyber threats aren’t just possibilities — they’re inevitabilities. Recognizing this challenge, Westland, in an exclusive collaboration with CFC, introduces a paradigm shift in cyber protection. When an enterprise commits to our specialized cyber program – only available through Westland,

CFC’s expansive security team becomes its guardian against virtual adversaries.


Why opt for proactive defence?

The sophisticated cyber landscape requires an equally sophisticated defence mechanism. With the collective expertise of CFC security engineers, threat analysts, and forensic specialists — acknowledged as the market’s vanguard — they don’t just react to cyber threats; they pre-empt them.

  • Experience & expertise: As guardians of the digital frontier, the team’s proficiency isn’t just about numbers but depth of knowledge. The goal? To ensure that cyber threats are neutralized before they even manifest.
  • Immediate value, continuous protection: Beyond mere insurance, our alliance with CFC ensures businesses derive immediate protection value, often without the need for claim activations. It’s a commitment to keep enterprises fortified and functioning, irrespective of the cyber threat.

The mechanics of pre-emptive protection

This preventative service identifies potential threats using insights from proactive scanning, dark web monitoring and various public and private threat intelligence feeds. This happens continuously for as long as the business is insured with CFC through the Westland program. If a cyber security issue is found, Westland clients access the CFC team which works directly with them to eliminate the threat before it can cause harm. Further, the CFC mobile app, Response, allows cyber threat experts to offer critical guidance and facilitate quick remediation through a verified and secure line of contact with the insured.

Spotlight on CFC

The CFC cyber program provides comprehensive cover for a range of risks, bolstered by CFC Response, their cyber security and incident response team. Their cyber claims team and CFC Response teams are award-winning and work 24/7, protecting customers against cyber threats and helping to get businesses back online quickly.