TIFF takeover: Front Row & The National Bank’s cinematic soirée


Amidst the dazzle of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Westland’s Front Row Insurance Brokers, in tandem with The National Bank of Canada, rolled out the red carpet for their signature annual gathering. This wasn’t just any TIFF event, but an elegant evening at a chic Toronto restaurant, Lapinou, where glasses clinked, and industry tales unfolded.


A night to remember

The evening was charged with networking and camaraderie. Front Row representatives from Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, joined by their counterparts from The National Bank, played host to over 250 film producers in attendance.


Ongoing commitment

“This isn’t just a party; it’s our way of celebrating partnerships and planning future collaborations,” mentions David Hamilton, President and CEO of Front Row. “It’s a gesture of gratitude for our client’s trust and vision and a look forward towards the future.”

The soirée highlights our unwavering commitment to the film industry, helping to foster relationships and for upcoming projects. In the cinematic world, Front Row, alongside The National Bank of Canada, continues to script a tale of dedication and collaboration between partners and friends.


Connect with the best in the business

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