Motorists Start Wildfires


It is commonly known that cigarettes, camp fires and lighting can start wildfires but did you know that a vehicle can also be the cause! Many wildfires that start along roadways are caused by motorists.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent a wildfire:

  1. Check tire pressure – It is important to maintain proper tire pressure since driving on exposed wheel rims can throw sparks.
  2. Maintain your bakes – Brakes that are worn thin can create mental to metal contact which may cause sparks.
  3. Secure towing chain – A towing chain that is dragging can throw sparks. Practice safe towing but using appropriate safety pins and a hitch ball to secure the chain.
  4. Check your vehicle – Maintain your vehicle and check to ensure there is nothing dragging on the ground.
  5. Know your location – Don’t drive on dry grass or bush. A fire can easily ignite from hot exhaust pipes and mufflers.
  6. Carry a fire extinguisher – Carrying a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it is important. If you come across a small fire, you can help extinguish it before it spreads.

Please stay safe and maintain proper vehicle use!

Report Wildfires: Call *5555 or 1-800663-5555