Westland Insurance offering streamlined ICBC services by phone and online

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By Tim van der Kooi
Postmedia Content Works

In times like these, it’s difficult to accomplish tasks without having to work around the implications of COVID-19. But car insurance doesn’t have to be one of them.

In order to protect their employees and clients, Westland Insurance has shifted its operations to safely accommodate ICBC customer needs by phone and email.

“We are offering virtually everything that our customers could need during this time,” says Jason Wubs, CEO of Westland Insurance. “It’s a big change from the way we’ve done things for the past 46 years.”

With no need for in-person approvals, customers can now phone or email to renew car insurance, get new plates, or even file for transfer of ownership from the comfort of their own home. This can be done by filling out a form on the Westland Insurance website, calling Westland’s central phone line, or by calling a local Westland branch.

Wubs says the company has been ramping up quickly and improving upon this new online process since early March. According to Wubs, customers should expect to receive a call promptly after sending their requests. Existing customers shouldn’t need any additional information other than having their device and driver’s license numbers of drivers in the household handy to answer the follow-up email from a Westland Insurance broker.

“At first there was a lot of back and forth between us and the customer, but in the latter part of April we’ve made improvements to make it a much more streamlined experience,” says Wubs.

Wubs also emphasized that Westland’s customers are encouraged to help shape the new customer experience. “We want to be flexible here with the customers,” says Wubs. “We don’t want to assume we got things right the first time after just five weeks of doing this.”

Wubs is satisfied with the hard work from the Westland brokers and hopes that they can continue to offer several options to meet customers’ needs.

“The feedback we’ve had from customers about this new service has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Wubs. “We hope what will drive this in the future is that customers want choice, whether it be online, on the phone, or in the office.”

To learn more, visit ICBC Online Renewal or call your local Westland Insurance branch.

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