Does ICBC require snow tires or winter tires in BC?


Although ICBC recommends the use of winter tires in certain weather conditions, they do not require them. That requirement and regulatory component falls under the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Driving without winter tires does not void your ICBC insurance policy if you have a claim. Another misconception is you will automatically be deemed at fault if you are in an accident without winter tires. This is not correct; not having winter tires does not automatically make you at fault in an accident. Not having winter tires however, can be one of the determining factors in assigning fault if the proper tires could have helped with the accident.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure which regulates the roads and highways in BC, requires winter tires on certain roads and highways during fall and winter months. If you are driving on these roads without the proper tires you may receive a ticket from the police. To learn more about the requirement for winter tires and chains please visit the BC Government Website for winter driving.