Navigating auto insurance renewal with MySGI


Whether your auto insurance renewal is around the corner, or just want to familiarize yourself with the process, this blog is for you! Renewing your insurance or making changes to your policy on time is not only a matter of legal compliance but also a critical step in protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicle on the road. Let’s explore auto insurance renewal in Saskatchewan with MySGI.


What is MySGI?

First things first, let’s talk about MySGI. This is a digital tool in your insurance management kit. It’s a platform provided by SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) that lets you handle your auto insurance needs at the click of a button. On the MySGI platform, you have access to services you’ve previously accessed with Westland Insurance.


How to get a MySGI account  

If you’re not already signed up, your first step is registering your email. Connect with our team if you have questions or need help registering, all you need is a Sask. driver’s licence or SGI insurance policy. An activation code will be sent to your email, and you can then use it on the MySGI page to register your account. Then you’ll follow the steps they give to set everything up. If you need extra help, our team would be happy to guide you through the process. 


Steps to renew vehicle plate insurance with MySGI

1. Log in to MySGI
Enter your MySGI account by visiting MySGI. Sign into your account to start your renewal process.  

2. Locating the renewal section
Navigate to the Renewals section. If you have multiple vehicles under your account, you’ll find each listed in your renewal section. Select “My Vehicles” on the top menu bar then click “Renew my registration” to view any vehicles due for renewal.

If you would like to see all your vehicles select “View my vehicles” under that same “My Vehicles” section. Any vehicles due for renewal will also display on the home page under the “Notification Centre”. 

3. Registration eligibility
Through the MySGI portal, you’ll answer eligibility questions that relate to the vehicles eligibility to be registered and insured in Saskatchewan. The plate registration comes with basic insurance of a $700 deductible and $200,000 Third Party Liability. All lower deductibles and extra coverage are sold on a separate auto extension policy.

If you have an SGI Canada Auto policy in place already you will be able to view that on your “My Policy” section of My SGI, but if it’s with a different company you will need to contact your Westland insurance advisor to review. Click here to get started on an auto insurance policy quote if you don’t already have one in place.  

4. Making a renewal payment
MySGI lets you choose your preferred payment option and complete the transaction. Don’t worry, it’s a secure transaction. You’ll receive confirmation once the payment is processed and an email notification for your records. 


Westland can renew your plates 

We’re here to make renewing your plates as smooth as possible for you. You can renew it in the way that suits you best, as listed below. 

  • MySGI: As mentioned, MySGI is an online platform that SGI facilitates for Saskatchewan licence holders. In addition to renewing your vehicle’s plate insurance, you can cancel coverage, pay for your driver’s licence, book appointments, pay for your SGI auto extension policy and more.
  • In person: As always, we’re here for you in person or online. If you prefer to connect with our team in person, we’ll be happy to complete your auto insurance renewal right then and there! Find a branch closest to you here.
  • By phone or email: For those who prefer to speak with an auto insurance advisor directly, you can also renew your auto insurance by phone and email with Westland Insurance. Connect with one of our branches and we’ll guide you through the renewal process and answer any questions to ensure your renewal is completed successfully.


Tips for a smooth renewal process

To ensure a smooth ride to auto insurance renewal in Saskatchewan, consider these tips: 

  • Set reminders: Just like you wouldn’t forget your friend’s birthday, set a reminder for your renewal date. 
  • Review your coverage: Life changes fast. Make sure your policy keeps pace with your needs—like ensuring you have the right shoes for the occasion. 
  • Ask for help: We’re here for you. Although you can renew your auto insurance online, our team of insurance advisors are here to ensure you’re covered on the road. Connect with us if you have questions about your coverage or want to discuss renewal information further. 


Remember, auto insurance renewal in Saskatchewan is more than a legal requirement—it’s a layer of protection for you, your family, and your vehicle. Drive safely, renew smarter, and here’s to a hassle-free year ahead with Westland Insurance and MySGI. Looking to get started on an auto insurance quote? Click below!


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