Auto insurance in Saskatchewan – Your ultimate guide


Welcome to a clear and concise journey through the ins and outs of Saskatchewan auto insurance (also called licence plate insurance). Whether you’ve just polished up and plated your brand-new ride, or you’re looking to renew the coverage on your trusty commuter, understanding the components of vehicle insurance is essential for peace of mind on the road.


Why do you need auto insurance?

Let’s get started with a quick reminder of why auto insurance is an absolute must-have for any vehicle owner. While it may feel like just another expense to add on top of gas and maintenance costs, having proper coverage can save you from financial concerns in the event of a collision or theft.


The significance of auto insurance in Saskatchewan

Auto insurance serves as your fundamental protection in case of unforeseen events. It’s more than mere compliance; it’s about coverage while on the road.

SGI, Saskatchewan’s own provincial government insurance provider, makes sure every licence plate comes with a foundation of liability coverage, collision benefits, and personal injury protection. This means if you’re involved in a collision there’s a safety net ready to help take care of the essentials, whether it’s medical expenses, repairs, or recovery. Your licence plate insurance provides you with a $700 deductible for all perils and $200,000 Third Party Liability along with injury benefits if you’re hurt while in a vehicle.


Going the extra mile with additional coverage

Perhaps you’re the type who leaves nothing to chance, or maybe your car is more than just a car. Regardless, there’s additional coverage at your disposal. Collision coverage safeguards against, well, collisions, whether with another vehicle or the proverbial “suddenly appeared” light pole.

Comprehensive coverage protects against fire, theft, vandalism, and yes, even those pesky hailstorms that Saskatchewan can throw at us. And for those looking for the full package, SGI CANADA Auto Pak or Sandbox’s Extended Auto Policy takes things up a notch with extra liability and lower deductibles. The other coverages an auto extension policy can offer include glass coverage, coverage for a rental vehicle during repairs, and replacement cost coverage. There are additional coverage options from the network of insurance companies that we work with to ensure you have the right coverage tailored to your lifestyle.

Be sure to ask about Optiom Replacement Coverage if you want full replacement coverage for seven years instead of five, or if you want to lock in the price on your used vehicle.


How to get that perfect auto insurance quote

At Westland Insurance, we’re here to explore coverage options, both what’s required and additional coverage options. Our insurance advisors will need some details about yourself and your vehicle along with your vehicle usage, and our insurance advisors will customize a quote that fits your requirements and budget.


Renewing made simple with MySGI

When it’s time to renew your plate insurance or SGI CANADA policy, MySGI is an online platform for stress-free auto insurance renewal. It’s available 24/7, allowing you to renew registrations, reprint registration certificates, update contact info, or cancel registrations from home. You can review the coverage set in place with your Westland Insurance advisor and renew to ensure seamless coverage. Convenient, easy, and accessible – renew with ease using MySGI.


Ready to get started?

Still have questions or itching to get your personalized auto insurance quote? We’re all ears and ready to chat. We’re here to help simplify the complex, guide you through your options, and find you an insurance solution that feels like home. Discover a world of auto insurance tailored for life in Saskatchewan: Get your personalized quote from Westland Insurance.


Navigating the world of auto insurance in Saskatchewan doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right guidance and understanding of your options you can drive with confidence knowing you’re well protected. At Westland Insurance, we’re more than just advisors; we’re your partners in ensuring that your auto insurance needs are met with expertise and care. Connect with our team to discuss questions or to get started on your auto insurance quote. Safe travels!


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